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By Psychologist, Author and Speaker Sara Spangsberg

 Life can seem hard, but it doesn't have to.

Let me help you to an easier life, inner peace and greater wisdom in your choices.

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For me, the opposite of heaviness is HUMOR! That's why I love reading Sara's book. Sara writes in a really fun and straightforward way. I've known about the 3 Principles for almost 5 years, and the way Sara describes how our mind is designed - feels quite different. Different in a cool way. Sara uses a lot of fun metaphors and one of the metaphors I really like is the one about all the reports our intellect gives us every single day. Reports about what is right and wrong according to our intellect. Sara's book gets my highest recommendation!

Mia Cordt Hansen - owner of Vidunderlig Hverdag

A guided journey to tranquility

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"Nice little course that in a simple and down-to-earth way introduces 3P as a very easy and logical approach to the mechanics of the mind. With great examples and images, and all conveyed in Sara's own voice, it's a great introduction to a much more relaxed and undramatic approach to thoughts and emotions" Jacob Rebien, 3P mentor, coach and teacher.

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Do you need counseling about gender, body and sexuality? Either for yourself or because someone close to you, such as your child, is in a situation you don't fully understand. Then look here:

I have started a collaboration with sexologist Mette de la Motte, who will be in my office on Mondays and Thursdays. And currently at the favorable price of 500kr per consultation.

Mette offers consultations about topics such as lack of desire for intimacy and sex, bodily changes, different preferences in the relationship, past experiences, and experiences that disturb today. As well as consultations related to sexual orientation and gender identity.

She also offers parental counseling and lectures.

Find out more and book an appointment here: